Closing Thoughts

Throughout the course of my project, I feel that all that I have learned breaks down into two categories. These are research skills and subject-matter knowledge. When I began, I did not really have a grasp on what components of traffic technology were important and what was necessary to make my project matter. As I […]

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Writing Pains

I have spent the last week working on my research paper. I have not learned anything new in this amount of time. I am simply continuing to compile all that I have collected over the previous ten weeks and making sense of what fits where and what is necessary in order to prove that a […]

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It’s All in the Presentation!

My practice presentation hit me in the face like a train that was a week early to the station, quite literally because I anticipated presenting the following week. I had not begun thinking about the way I would be delivering my presentation yet – the order, the content, the technical nature – so I was […]

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The Problem is the Solution?

The reason smart roads where abandoned at the end of the 20th century is due to monetary concerns. Not only would the installation of equipment cost an exorbitant sum, but the technology itself was quite expensive considering how primitive it was. Taking Moore’s law into account, it is safe to assume that both size and […]

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Forming a clearer picture

I have decided to break my research paper down into, roughly, the following categories: Introduction and Vision Division of Labor Old Plans for the Future Current Infrastructure Necessary Steps for Implementation I will begin by providing a more elegant and condensed form of my project proposal and giving my personal thoughts on the world of […]

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Week 6: More Modern/Paper Plans

After spending quite a while reading papers and research documentation from the 80s and 90s, I have begun to shift focus to current traffic infrastructures. The technology we are currently using is surprisingly “un-hightech”. In fact, I have used basic versions of them with Lego’s as a child. Our roads are equipped with pneumatic tubes […]

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Week 5

I have continued to read and expand my knowledge of driverless technology in vehicles and traffic infrastructure. I have slowly begun to explore the software that automotive companies use to test and simulate their cars and trucks. It is giving me more insight as to how we can slowly move away from crash testing over […]

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